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Print publications

Laws of Seychelles

Laws of Seychelles 2010 Updates
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Cap 001 Adjudication of Titles Decree
Cap 002 Administration of Estates by Consular Officers Act
Cap 003 African Development Bank and Fund Decree
Cap 004 Age of Majority Act
Cap 005 Agriculture Act
Cap 006 Airports (Regulation) Act
Cap 007 Anglican Church (Constitution of Anglican Diocese of Seychelles) Act
Cap 008 Animals (Control of Experiments) Act
Cap 009 Animals (Diseases and Imports) Act
Cap 010 Anti-Personnel Mines (Prohibition) Act
Cap 011 Auctioneers and Appraisers Act
Cap 012 Auditor-General Act
Cap 013 Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
Cap 014 Beach Control Act
Cap 015 Bills of Exchange Act
Cap 016 Birds' Eggs Act
Cap 017 Boiler Explosions Act
Cap 018 Breadfruit and Other Trees (Protection) Act
Cap 019 Broadcasting and Telecommunication Act
Cap 020 Business Tax Act
Cap 021 Cadastral Survey Act
Cap 022 Carriage by Air (Overseas Territories) Order
Cap 023 Carriage by Air Acts (Application of Provisions) (Overseas Territories) Order
Cap 024 Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Cap 025 Census Act
Cap 026 Central Bank of Seychelles Act 2011 Act 013 Central Bank of Seychelles (Amendment) Act 
Cap 027 Cheshire Homes Decree
Cap 028 Children Act
Cap 029 Film Classification Board Act
Cap 030 Citizenship Act
Cap 031 Civil Aviation Act
Cap 032 Civil Aviation (Control of Obstructions) Act
Cap 033 Civil Code of Seychelles Act
Cap 034 Civil Status Act
Cap 035 Clarification of Titles to Land (Deeds of Concession) Act
Cap 036 Coast Reserves and Foreshore Leases Act
Cap 037 Coco-De-Mer (Management) Decree
Cap 038 Commercial Code Act
Cap 039 Commissions of Inquiry Act
Cap 040 Companies Act

2011 Act 014 Companies Ordinance (Amendment) Act 

Cap 041 Complaints Bureau Act
Cap 042 Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles 2011 Act 007 Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles (Sixth Amendment) Act
Cap 043 Consular Conventions Act
Cap 044 Control and Protection of Clients' Accounts Act
Cap 045 Control of Dogs Act
Cap 046 Control of Hire Craft Act
Cap 047 Control of Rent and Tenancy Agreements Act
Cap 048 Control of Slaughtering of Cattle Act
Cap 049 Control of Supplies and Services Act
Cap 050 Co-operatives Act
Cap 051 Copyright Act
Cap 052 Courts Act
Cap 053 Court Fees (Supreme Court) and Costs Act
Cap 054 Criminal Procedure Code
Cap 055 Curatelle Act
Cap 056 Customs Tariff Act
Cap 057 Data Protection Act
Cap 058 Defence Act
Cap 059 Defence Forces (Offences) Act
Cap 060 Delineation and Classification of the Domaine Public Act
Cap 061 Derelict Motor Vehicles (Disposal) Act
Cap 062 Detention Review Tribunal Decree
Cap 063 Development Bank of Seychelles Decree
Cap 064 Development Loans Act
Cap 065 Disposal of Unclaimed Deposits Act
Cap 066 Domicile Act
Cap 067 Dumping At Sea Act (Overseas Territories) Order
Cap 068 Education Act
Cap 069 Employment Act
Cap 070 Entertainments Tax Act
Cap 071 Environment Protection Act
Cap 072 Essential Services and Property Protection Act
Cap 073 Estate Agents Act
Cap 074 Evidence Act
Cap 075 Evidence (Bankers' Book) Act
Cap 076 Exchange Control Act
Cap 077 Explosives Act
Cap 078 Extradition Act
Cap 079 Financial Institutions Act
Cap 080 Firearms And Ammunition Act
Cap 081 Fire (Protection) Act
Cap 082 Fisheries Act
Cap 083 Food Act
Cap 084 Forest Reserves Act
Cap 085 Foreign Judgements (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
Cap 086 French Code of Civil Procedure (Promulgation) Act
Cap 087 Geneva Conventions Act
Cap 088 The Genocide Act 1969 (Overseas Territories) Order 1970
Cap 089 Geological and Soil Surveys Act
Cap 090 Harbour Act
Cap 091 The Hijacking Act 1971 (Overseas Territories) Order 1971
Cap 092 Hospitals and Dispensaries Act
Cap 093 Immigration Decree
Cap 094 Immovable Property (Judicial Sales) Act
Cap 095 Immovable Property (Transfer Restriction) Act
Cap 096 Imprisonment for Debt Act
Cap 097 Industrial Relations Act
Cap 098 Insurance Act
Cap 099 Interactive Gambling Act
Cap 100 Interest Act
Cap 101 International Financial Organisations (Membership) Act
Cap 102 International Monetary Fund (Membership of Seychelles) Act
Cap 103 Interpretation and General Provisions Act
Cap 104 Judiciary Act
Cap 105 Land Acquisition Act
Cap 106 Land Reclamation Act
Cap 107 Land Registration Act (incl. Rules)
Cap 108 Land Settlement (Perpetual Leases of State Land) Act
Cap 109 Land Survey Act
Cap 110 Legal Aid Act
Cap 111 Legal Practitioners Act
Cap 112 Liberation Memorial Fund Decree
Cap 113 Licences Act
Cap 114 Lighting Of Fires (Restriction) Act
Cap 115 Loans Decree
Cap 116 Local Government Act
Cap 117 Local Loans Act
Cap 118 Maintenance Orders (Attachment of Earnings) Act
Cap 119 Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
Cap 120 Malaria Act
Cap 121 Manufacture and Export of Produce (Regulation) Act
Cap 122 Maritime Zones Act
Cap 123 Marriage of British Subjects (Facilities) Act Order In Council 1916
Cap 124 Matrimonial Causes Act
Cap 125 Medical Appeal Boards Act
Cap 126 Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act
Cap 127 Mental Health Act
Cap 128 Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Seychelles) Order
Cap 129 Minerals Act
Cap 130 Ministerial Emoluments Act
Cap 131 Ministers (Number) Act
Cap 132 Minor Offences (Fixed Penalties) Decree
Cap 133 Misuse of Drugs Act
Cap 134 Mortgage and Registration Act
Cap 135 Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third-Party Risks) Act
Cap 136 National Arts Council of Seychelles Act
Cap 137 National Council For Children Act
Cap 138 National Council for Disabled Persons Act
Cap 139 National Library Trust Fund (Establishment) Act
Cap 140 National Monuments Act
Cap 141 National Parks And Nature Conservancy Act
Cap 142 National Provident Fund Act
Cap 143 National Research and Development Council Act
Cap 144 National Spiritual Assembly Of The Baha'is Of Seychelles (Incorporation) Act
Cap 145 National Sports Council Act
Cap 146 National Symbols Act
Cap 147 Newspaper Act
Cap 148 Non-Resident Bodies (Corporate) (Special Provisions) Decree
Cap 149 Notaries Act
Cap 150 Nurses and Midwives Act
Cap 151 Occupational Safety and Health Decree
Cap 152 Oeuvre de Sainte Elizabeth Incorporation Act
Cap 153 Official Oaths Act
Cap 154 Parastatal Corporations Act
Cap 155 Passport Act
Cap 156 Patents Act
Cap 157 Peace Officers (Inner Islands and Outlying Islands) Act
Cap 158 Penal Code
Cap 159 Pensions Act
Cap 160 Pensions (Increase) Act
Cap 161 Pensions (Special Provisions) Decree
Cap 162 Pensions (Supplementary Provisions) Act
Cap 163 People's Housing Mortgages Act
Cap 164 Pesticides Control Act
Cap 165 Petroleum Act
Cap 166 Petroleum Mining Act
Cap 167 Petroleum Income Tax Decree
Cap 168 Petroleum Mining (Pollution Control) Act
Cap 169 Pharmacy Act
Cap 170 Pig Production (Control) Act
Cap 171 Plant Protection Act
Cap 172 Police Force Act
Cap 173 Political Parties (Registration and Regulation) Act 2011 Act 010 Political Parties (Registration and Regulation) (Amendment) Act
Cap 174 Postal Sector Act
Cap 175 Preservation of Public Security Act
Cap 176 Presidential Emoluments Act
Cap 177 Presumption of Deaths Act
Cap 178 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
Cap 179 Prevention of Terrorism Act
Cap 180 Prisons Act
Cap 181 Privileges And Immunities (Diplomatic, Consular and International Organisations) Act
Cap 182 Privilege of Treasury for Costs Act
Cap 183 Probates (Re-Sealing) Act
Cap 184 Probation of Offenders Act
Cap 185 Protected Areas Act
Cap 186 Protection of Aircraft Act 1973 (Overseas Territories) Order 1973
Cap 187 Protection of Local Agricultural Produce Act
Cap 188 Public Finances Act
Cap 189 Public Health Act
Cap 190 Public Holidays Act
Cap 191 Public Offices Act
Cap 192 Public Officers (Protection) Act
Cap 193 Public Officers' Security Act
Cap 194 Public Order Act
Cap 195 Public Seal Act
Cap 196 Public Utilities Corporation Act
Cap 197 Quarantine Act
Cap 198 Radio Communications (Islands) Decree
Cap 199 Reciprocal Enforcement of British Judgments Act
Cap 200 Red Cross Society of Seychelles Act
Cap 201 Registration of Associations Act
Cap 202 Registration of Business Names Act
Cap 203 Removal of Sand and Gravel Act
Cap 204 Right of Access to Islands Act
Cap 205 Road Act
Cap 206 Road Transport Act
Cap 207 Roman Catholic Church in Seychelles (Incorporation) Act
Cap 208 Securities Act
Cap 209 Security of Movables Act
Cap 210 Seventh-Day Adventist Mission (Incorporation) Act
Cap 211 Seychelles Archives Act
Cap 212 Seychelles Bureau of Standards Act
Cap 213 Seychelles Code of Civil Procedure
Cap 214 Seychelles Fishing Authority (Establishment) Act
Cap 215 Seychelles Housing Corporation Development Act
Cap 216 Seychelles Institute of Management Act
Cap 217 Seychelles Islands Foundation Decree
Cap 218 Seychelles Land Transport Agency Act
Cap 219 Seychelles National Investment Corporation Decree
Cap 220 Seychelles Pension Fund Act
Cap 221 Seychelles Public Transport Corporation Decree
Cap 222 Seychelles Security Guards Service Pension Act
Cap 223 Seychelles Tourism Board Act
Cap 224 Small Holdings Act
Cap 225 Social Security Act
Cap 226 Social Workers' Council Act
Cap 227 Stamp Duty Act
Cap 228 State Land and River Reserves Act
Cap 229 State Security Act
Cap 230 Status of Married Woman Act
Cap 231 Statute Law Revision Act
Cap 232 Summary Jurisdiction (Wives And Children)
Cap 233 Taxation (Provisional Charging) Act
Cap 234 Termination of Pregnancy Act
Cap 235 Tobacco Control Act
Cap 236 Tourism (Incentives) Act
Cap 237 Town and Country Planning Act
Cap 238 Town of Victoria (Boundaries and Division) Act
Cap 239 Trade Marks Decree
Cap 240 Transfer and Delegation of Statutory Functions Act
Cap 241 Transfer of Prisoners Act
Cap 242 Trustees of the Seychelles Ex-Servicemen Funds Act
Cap 243 Unemployment Relief Scheme Act
Cap 244 Value Added Tax Act
Cap 245 Vice-Presidential Emoluments Act
Cap 246 Weights and Measures Act
Cap 247 Wild Animals and Birds Protection Act
Cap 248 Witnesses Tariff Act
Cap 249 Acquisition of Land in the Public Interest Act
Cap 250 Agriculture and Fisheries (Incentives) Act
Cap 251 Anti-Money Laundering Act
Cap 252 Banking (Special Provisions) Act
Cap 253 Companies (Special Licences) Act
Cap 254 Computer Misuse Act
Cap 255 Condominium Property Act
Cap 256 Constitutional Appointees' Emoluments Act 2011 Act 008 Constitutional Appointees' Emoluments (Amendment) Act
Cap 257 Consumer Protection Act
Cap 258 Constitutional Posts (Special Provisions) Act
Cap 259 Credit Union Act
Cap 260 Development Contribution (Specified Islands) Act
Cap 261 District Emblems Act
Cap 262 Elections Act

2011 Act 004 Elections (Amendment) Act

2011 Act 009 Elections (Amendment) Act

Cap 263 Electronic Transactions Act
Cap 264 Excise Tax Act
Cap 265 Export of Fishery Products Act
Cap 266 Fair Competition Act
Cap 267 Fair Trading Commission Act
Cap 268 Family Violence (Protection of Victims) Act
Cap 269 Foreign Exchange Act
Cap 270 Foundations Act 2011 Act 018 Foundations (Amendment) Act 
Cap 271 Goods and Services Tax Act
Cap 272 Health Professionals Act
Cap 273 Income Tax and Non-Monetary Benefits Act
Cap 274 International Business Companies Act 2011 Act 020 International Business Companies (Amendment) Act
Cap 275 International Corporate Service Providers Act 2011 Act 021 International Corporate Service Providers (Amendment) Act
Cap 276 International Trusts Act 2011 Act 019 International Trusts (Amendment) Act 
Cap 277 International Trade Zone Act
Cap 278 Investment Code of Seychelles Act
Cap 279 Investment Promotion Act
Cap 280 Islamic Society of Seychelles (Incorporation) Act
Cap 281 Limited Partnerships Act 2011 Act 017 Limited Partnerships (Amendment) Act 
Cap 282 Merchant Shipping Act
Cap 283 Meteorology Act
Cap 284 Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
Cap 285 Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act
Cap 286 National Assembly Members' Emoluments Act
Cap 287 National Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act 2011 Act 003 National Assembly (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act
Cap 288 National Botanical Gardens Foundation Act
Cap 289 National Bureau of Statistics Act
Cap 290 National Clearance and Settlement Systems Act
Cap 291 National Council for the Elderly Act
Cap 292 National Drugs Enforcement Agenct Act
Cap 293 National Human Resources Development Council Act
Cap 294 National Identity Cards Act
Cap 295 National Information Services Agency Act
Cap 296 National Library Services Act
Cap 297 Privileges and Immunities (Shelter-Afrique) Act
Cap 298 Proceeds of Crime (Civil Confiscation) Act
Cap 299 Property Management Corporation Act
Cap 300 Protected Cell Companies Act
Cap 301 Protection of Human Rights Act
Cap 302 Public Debt Management Act
Cap 303 Public Enterprise (Monitoring) Act
Cap 304 Public Officers' Ethics Act
Cap 305 Public Procurement Act
Cap 306 Public Sector Special Pension Act
Cap 307 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
Cap 308 Revenue Administration Act

2011 Act 006 Revenue Administration (Amendment) Act

2011 Act 016 Revenue Administration (Amendment) Act

Cap 309 Seychelles Agricultural Agency Act
Cap 310 Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation Act 2011 Act 002 Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation Act
Cap 311 Seychelles Business Number Act
Cap 312 Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Act
Cap 313 Seychelles Energy Commission Act
Cap 314 Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency Act
Cap 315 Seychelles Heritage Foundation Act
Cap 316 Seychelles International Business Authority Act
Cap 317 Seychelles Investment Act
Cap 318 Seychelles Media Commission Act
Cap 319 Seychelles National Youth Council Act
Cap 320 Seychelles Petroleum (Taxation) Act
Cap 321 Seychelles Ports Authority Act
Cap 322 Seychelles Revenue Commission Act 2011 Act 015 Seychelles Revenue Commission (Amendment) Act 
Cap 323 Seychelles Qualifications Authority Act
Cap 324 Small Enterprise Promotion Agency Act
Cap 325 Social Welfare Agency Act
New legislation

2011 Act 012 Tertiary Education Act

2011 Act 022 Customs Management Act


2011 Act 001 Appropriation Act
2011 Act 005 Supplementary Appropriation Act
2011 Act 011 Supplementary Appropriation (No.2) Act
2011 Act 028 Supplementary Appropriation (No. 5) Act
2011 Bill 23 Financial Institutions 2011
2011 Bill 24 Seychelles Revenue Commission
2011 Bill 25 Revenue Administration
2011 Bill 26 Anti Money Laundering
2011 Bill 27 International Corpporate Service Providers



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